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About Us

Guangdong Tri-Sun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd, established in 2004, is a passional, innovative and high-tech company in the smart home field. Our products include but not limited to touch switch, remote switch, dimmer switch, curtain switch, linkage switch, smart socket, almighty controller, etc. Owing to the capability of our industry chain and manufacturers, we can guarantee that our products are excellent in quality, long in stability, various in type and reasonable in price. And we provide OEM and ODM service.

As a pioneer in the smart home group, our company is always trying our best to get to know what the homeowners want, offer the characteristic service to make the customers` life more easy, more comfort and more intelligent. Thanks to the invention of almighty controller, we make it possible for almost every homeowners to enjoy the convenience brought by the smart home.

KOTI wired and wireless products can be easily adapted to any houses, they do not need to extend or remodel the existing appliances, besides the installation can be done within just a few minutes. With our products, your light, curtain, air-condition, audio, video, etc can be integrated to the KOTI system to meet your own life style. The devices in KOTI system are controlled by RF, the channel is 433MHz. It`s a bidirectional control technology, and you can give the control orders on your mobile equipment, like your android or IOS phone and tablet PC, and receive the feedback information of the devices` working condition.

Having the outstanding research and development team and powerful industry chain, we are proud to say that we are one of the best and always on the way of becoming better. Choosing us, you will be surprised to find out it is an excellent choice that you have ever made, no matter whether you are a buyer only for your own house, a distributor that want to provide our products to your territory, or a businessman with the whole word under your foot.


The company office-KOTI

The company office


The production department-KOTI

The production department


The product experience hall-KOTI   The smart home experience hall-KOTI

The product experience hall

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